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Jen, I want to know why you didn't like 'Brave'.

Eh. It just didn’t have that Pixar spark and it disappointed me because, based on the first teaser trailer and hype, I expected a lot more from the story.

I really did like the animation-everything was so beautiful & the music was fantastic! I liked that, for once, it was about a mother/daughter relationship and there was no need for a prince charming.

But then, why did all the guys have to be idiots? Why was the queen the only competent person in the kingdom? Merida also irritated me with her behavior towards her mother; it made me sympathize with her less and less. The whole bear magic didn’t make sense to me-it really had no point and didn’t serve the characters. I understand that it was meant to give time for the mother & daughter to learn about each other but it really could’ve been dealt other ways. The whole idea of “fate” and the wisps, which was how the movie was being marketed, didn’t even matter in the end. Merida wasn’t really changing fate; she was changing her mother’s mind. There was no epic personal journeys for any characters, which was fine since there doesn’t always have to be. But it all felt very anticlimatic and random. There were motifs that could have been explored more, like the tapestry and story of the prince.

Don’t get me wrong, “Brave” is a good movie. I just wouldn’t buy it or even rewatch it for a while. I will say, though, that after watching the film in theaters, I came home and hugged my mom and called her “Bear” for a few days. lol

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  1. iadler said: :( Hmm. Interesting view. I don’t really agree with you, but I need to watch it again to make on why on some of your points. Thanks hun!
  2. espressopatronum said: my sister, who is 5 years younger than me, thought pretty much the same thing you did.
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